Welcome to FNH

Jonathan Hamilton-Diabo,
Director, First Nations House

Why a magazine? This was one of the questions that I asked myself when this idea of publishing one surfaced in a monthly meeting with Marilyn Van Norman, the former director of Student Services, a few years ago. At first, it was to be an expansion of the “Eagle’s Cry,” the quarterly newsletter of First Nations House. Then it dawned on me that it couldn’t be just a bigger version of what we were doing. First Nations House had evolved; the students had evolved; Aboriginal issues and the community at the school had evolved. Our newsletter, however, was stuck. We needed to find a way that could show that the Aboriginal community within the University of Toronto was alive and kicking.

The publication needed to grow up.

Fast-forward to 2008, and what you have in front of you is a glimpse of the richness that the Aboriginal community has to offer, not only to the University, but also to society at large. Whether it is a student or faculty member, an Elder or staff, there is really brilliant work being produced that largely goes unnoticed. This is our way of introducing, or re-introducing, our community to you. You may be a professor, a student, a parent or someone who is thinking about going to school. We believe that you will find something in here that will grip you.

So enjoy, learn and allow yourself to be drawn in.



To one who inspired us, taught us, and listened to us.
This premiere edition of the FNH Magazine is devoted to

Dr. Lillian McGregor

Serving First Nations House as Grandmother and
Elder-in-Residence from 1994 to 2008,
Nokomis provided us with wisdom, warmth,
and a sense of humour…

…and a kick in the pants when we really deserved it!

Chi Meegwetch